Carpet Cleaning

We use the most preferred method of carpet cleaning and recommended by carpet manufactures for the best results.
We have new state of art carpet cleaning equipment.
Carpet steam extraction is when high temperature water is spayed into your carpet with small jets on a vacuum wand.
That penetrates deep into the pile where the vacuum doesn't clean.
At the same time the water is being extracted out of the carpet.
Drying time for carpets are within 24 hours.
We recommend that furniture not be place on carpeting until it is completely dry.

Steam extraction is the best way of removing unwanted dirt and stains from your carpet. The water is approximately 200 degrees and will kill all microscopic organisms that live in your carpet.

We recommend that our customers clean there carpets once a year. to help them to stay looking new. When dirt is left in the carpet beneath the surface. It will prematurely wear the carpet.

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