POWER WASHING SERVICES: Truck Mounted HOT Water Pressure Washer

We Power Wash ALL Surfaces including:
• Commercial Oven Hoods
• Buildings & Houses
• Concrete Floors, Patios & Sidewalks
• Decks & Roofs

Why is HOT water pressure washing better? Hot water washers bring together in perfect balance all three of these key elements—heat, agitation and chemical--to deliver cleaning’s ideal knockout punch. And it has been proven over the years that hot water under pressure is is the best method to cleaning any surface. All pressure washers are not created equal. In fact, they fall into one of two very distinct categories: hot water or cold water.

At Shaboo CT Cleaning LLC. we use a 3500 psi LANDA pressure washer. The water is heated to temperatures above 200 degrees. Using a burner to heat the water enables chemical, dirt and mold to easily be removed. We are capable of providing water to any job site. We only use the best professional equipment, as shown here. This truck mount unit is capable of cleaning the toughest power washing jobs.

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